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Natalia Abraham Coelho Speaks About Her 2022 Olympia Victory

When Natalia Abraham Coelho burst onto the Women’s Physique scene, many expected her to eventually win the Women’s Physique Olympia title. However, several years went by and she had yet to claim the title. She would come close but fall short to rivals such as Shanique Grant and Sarah Villegas, both of whom won two titles each. Then, the conversation shifted to Coelho perhaps being one of the “best to never win the big one.”

Coelho finally reached the summit of her division by winning the title of Ms. Physique Olympia at the 2022 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. The champion was the guest on a recent episode of Femme Flex Friday to share what being the champion means to her. She credits all those years of competing with helping her reach this point.

“They say the more you practice, the better you become. So, the only way to practice as an athlete in bodybuilding is to actually compete.”

Coelho started competing in the Figure division but found her home in Women’s Physique. She competed in her first Olympia in 2016 at the age of 19. Her stock steadily rose thanks to a growing fan base that got louder each time she competed. Even though she officially became the world champion in 2022, she’s one of the most popular athletes in the IFBB Pro League across all divisions. That’s because she carried herself as an ambassador and champion throughout her career.

“It’s my job to bring the division to a whole new level,” said Coelho proudly. “Even after the show at the Superstar Seminar, I was thinking that this is going to go to a new level. The new generation needs us.”


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