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Prime Time Muscle Breaks Down Harold Kelley’s Sixth Olympia Victory

“You completely dominated, and my apologies to you,” El Guindy humbly said to the camera while Cormier was celebrating. With that out of the way, it was time to break down why Kelley was so dominant in Las Vegas at the 2022 Olympia.

“It was complete dominance from the beginning to the end,” said the IFBB Pro League judge. “The reality is when Harold Kelley is on point, God Bless America, that King Kong is fantastic.”

The doubt of Kelley came after he placed second at the 2022 Arnold Classic to Gabriele Andruilli. However, the hosts analyzed that Kelley was in better condition at the Olympia than he was in Columbus where he lost for the first time since 2014.

“He had seven or eight months to ramp up,” said co-host Tim Wilkins, who was in Las Vegas for the Olympia. El Guindy made another observation. Bodybuilding is after all, a size game too.

“The thing is he is more massive than everybody. If he gets conditioned, it’s game over.”

Kelley remains the Wheelchair division’s only Olympia champion, and he has since reclaimed the Arnold Classic Pro Wheelchair title as well – giving him six of those titles to match his five Olympia wins. Based on how Kelley has looked at his last two shows, it may be a while before he loses again if he does at all.


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