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Why People Give Up Training – A brief philosophy of training

Classical biomechanics teaches that the body is governed by three basic principles: 

• Balance
• Comfort (absence of pain)
• Economy


These principles are temporarily broken in order to achieve muscle gain through overcompensation.

• Upsetting the physical balance by training one part of my body neglecting my antagonist.

• Ending the comfort of rest and approaching the threshold of bearable discomfort and even pain.

• Dispensing with economy of movement, since the pattern in workouts is not based on this principle, but on the most appropriate movement in biomechanical terms to make gains without incurring excessive risk in each specific exercise.


Many people drop out of weight training because it is a demanding sport that takes years of practice.

Muscle training is one of the few sports where daily workouts themselves can become a form of competition. We need to understand that training is necessary to improve both our physical and mental health, because the mind and body are with us throughout our lives.Physical fitness is an important part of a happy lifestyle.

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