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10 etiquette rules for gym-goers

Always be polite and friendly when working out with your peers. This code of conduct summarizes certain rules of etiquette that gym-goers should observe.

1. Respect others, whether they are beginners or advanced athletes, male or female, young or old. This includes not showing contempt for those who appear to be wasting their time at the gym.

2. After using the apparatus, clean it and put it away where it belongs.

3. Before working out, it is important to follow hygiene standards by washing your hands and taking a towel. After working out, it is advisable to shower before entering the gym so that you do not smell bad.

4. Although the gym is open to everyone, you should always try to use weights or machines that are free for others because if you use them while another person is resting, you may break their concentration or extend their break too long. Conversely, it might happen that while you are resting someone else uses the equipment you have been using and then you would need to be polite.

5. If you see somebody struggling to start an exercise, offer help only if you have learned how to do it. The wrong kind of assistance could cause accidents.

6. Some noise is inevitable in a gym, but it’s not necessary to allow weights to clang onto the floor or clash dumbbells together. Shouting and making loud noises with effort are rude and can be annoying to other gym-goers.

7. If you’re going to workout on a bench, proper sporting attire should be worn because metal rivets or finishing could tear the bench cover.

8. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes can mark the floor, and wearing street shoes brings dirt and grit inside the gym.

9. Sports centers usually have their own set of rules, which are mostly common sense and politeness. We should respect them if we want to be respected by others.

10. Make sure you work hard, but don’t let your achievements go to your head.Be modest about your accomplishments.

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