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Wellness Wars: Which Contenders Can Dethrone Francielle Mattos?

The Wellness division has only been a part of the Olympia for the past two years, but it’s already becoming one of the most talked about divisions in the sport. The 2023 edition of the Wellness Olympia may be the most contested yet, and you can see it in Orlando, Florida this November for yourself by getting tickets at .

In the meantime, Tim Wilkins, Chris Cormier, and Terrick El Guindy broke down the division in a recent episode of Prime Time Muscle. Defending champion Francielle Mattos will look to three-peat in Orlando, but there are a number of contenders looking to dethrone her, including Angela Borges, who El Guindy credited as an early standard-bearer of the division before it became what it is today.

“Angela Borges is the greatest Wellness champion prior to the implementation of Wellness in the IFBB Pro League,” he told Wilkins and Cormier. “She was not only a great champion on the stage but off the stage. She expanded the knowledge of Wellness all over the world.”

Borges may remind fans of the early days of Wellness, and Mattos is the champion now, but Rayane Fogal could very well be the future of the division. El Guindy was high on her potential to become an Olympia champion down the road. Wilkins dropped several other names as contenders such as 2022 Wellness International winner Isabelle Pereira Nunes and 2023 Wellness International winner Kassandra

Gillis of Canada. However, El Guindy stuck to his guns with his prediction about the future success of Fogal.

“If she ever defeats Francielle Mattos, she’ll never look back.”


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