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Squeeze More Gains From Your Chest With The Dumbbell Squeeze Press

This is where the dumbbell squeeze press comes in. By creating tension by pressing the dumbbells together before you press, you create a flood of muscular tension in your chest by making a lighter weight feel heavy.

Here we’ll dive into this underrated chest-building variation for your pectoral needs.

The dumbbell squeeze press is a dumbbell bench press variation in which you take a pair of hex dumbbells, press them together lightly, and perform a bench press. This bench press variation is part close grip press and part isometric dumbbell flye. The squeeze press is a great exercise to feel your chest working and to make a light weight feel heavy.

As previously mentioned, the squeeze press is an excellent exercise to feel your chest working with lighter weights. Here are a few vital benefits of incorporating the squeeze press is your strength accessory routine.

The squeeze press is a simple exercise, but there are a few things to watch out for, including your ego and using too much weight. But you already know this.

Here are some general programming recommendations for the squeeze press.

Gymgoers of all levels can incorporate this move created by the late strength-training icon.

The pectorals are a fan-like muscle with fibers running in different directions, so it pays to train the squeeze press from different angles and body positions for better chest development. Here are a few variations to put into your training.


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