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Try ‘Trap House’ star Peter Bundic’s Movie Maintenance Workout

“I grew up playing all kinds of sports,” says Bundic. “Playing soccer since I was, like, five. I played American football once I got into high school, and track, basketball, wrestling. I played for Team BC and Team Canada with American football, which was super-fun, and I got to go and play in the United States a few times. I played in Miami on the Fourth of July, one year, which was really cool. Since I played soccer, I was also the kicker on the football team, but I’ve played a lot of defense, and a little bit of running back, and receiver as well.”

With a “Young Entertainer” Award under his belt for Best Young Actor for the short film, Pirates, Bundic’s love of film, both in front of and behind the camera, knows no bounds. As a self-professed ball of energy, here’s how Bundic releases some of his creativity when not on set. The following workout is based on the actors’ football training, while implementing some additional moves. “I train to maintain, and build strength slowly,” he explains.

Monday: Push Day

Tuesday: Pull Day

Wednesday: Legs

Hollywood is full of highs and lows, and the fear of rejection is a reality for any working actor that is honing his craft, but fortunately, a love of sports and lifting weights has given Bundic both the physical and mental tools that are required for success. While the star boasts boyish good looks, his turns in “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “Trap House” have allowed him to play layered and conflicted characters. Still, he tells M&F that he wouldn’t say no to putting on some serious mass in the future, in order to play a Marvel or D.C. superhero. Despite the pressures of a career on screen, Bundic seems to have it all figured out. “Take the losses on the chin,” he says. “Because you’re not going to win every battle, but as long as you’re doing everything that you can, that’s what you have to do. Put yourself in the best position to win, then let the cards fall as they may.


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