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Try These 4 Exercises To Help Improve Your Chinup Performance

To get better at performing chinups, you need to do more chinups. It would be best if you actually did the thing, which some people miss. But when doing more doesn’t improve performance, it’s time to train smart. This is where these four chinup accessory exercises come in.

Plus, chinups give you wings and build serious upper back strength.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to do chinups from an early age because I didn’t weigh much, but other bigger people struggle. IMO, it should be a goal for every gym-goer to be able to perform chinups, no matter your size, because relative strength matters. Here are a few big rock attributes needed for chinups.

Doing more chinups will only get you so far, which is where chinup accessory exercises come in. Accessory exercises strengthen your weak point and strengthen your strengths as well. Both will improve performance, and these four exercises do just that.


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