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This 3-move Kettlebell Workout Will Help You Build Strength Anywhere

1A. Double KB Front Squat

1B. KB Seesaw Press

1C. Double KB Unilateral Row

“The double KB front squat is a great way to get some load that “feels” heavier since the load is more out in front of you and each hand. Hold them in the racked position, ensure not to pinch your fingers, then squat up and down. Go to about two reps short of failure (2 RIR). Rest 30-60 sec.

With the seesaw press, press up your left hand from the rack position to lock out. When you reach the top and start coming back down, push up with your other hand, thus creating a sew saw motion. Go to around a 2 RIR again. Rest 30 -60 sec.

For the unilateral row, carefully move your hand through both kettlebells and hold them in one hand (watch the video) without pinching your fingers. Row both kettlebells and perform reps until a two RIR on both sides.

Rest two to three minutes between rounds, and do two- four rounds every other day if needed. You can shorten the reps between exercises and rounds if you want more conditioning,” says Nelson.


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