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These 3 Dumbbell Complexes Can Help You Burn Fat during Your Next Workout

This is where dumbbell complexes for fat loss come in.

The key to a good dumbbell complex is ensuring that lifts occur in logical order. For instance, how did the dumbbells get there if you did a bent-over row followed by an overhead squat? Doing bent-over rows to a dumbbell snatch makes more sense.

Any workout where you work many muscles in a short amount of time is excellent for muscle conditioning and fat loss as long as you recover correctly. The key to dumbbell complexes is that you will be sucking in the air and playing catch-up afterward. Let me explain. Dumbbell complexes increase the demand for oxygen during and after your workout.

This is why your body burns fat long after you finish your workout. You burn five calories for every liter of oxygen you breathe to recover, and increasing your demand for O2 by doing dumbbell complexes will enhance your fat-burning capacity. Yes, they suck literally and figuratively, but they are effective.

And that’s what you want, correct? You can thank me later.

The king of all complexes is barbell complexes because you can use the most weight due to the stability and the fixed range of motion. But they are more challenging to perform, and dumbbells are easier by comparison. Besides burning unwanted fat, dumbbell complexes have a few vital benefits.

Do any rep variations with the following dumbbell complexes you please. Still, IMO performing either three reps, eight reps, or anything in between makes for excellent strength, hypertrophy, and fat loss workout. Two to four rounds will have your lungs and muscles saying enough is enough.

A few guidelines for the complexes below.


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