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Dtren aka Dawson Weiss is a 23 year old (as of August 2023) American bodybuilder from Oakdale, California, whom has risen to prominence through TikTok, Instagram and on YouTube. 

Dawson’s bodyweight is quoted as 250lbs at 6ft 2 so he’s certainly a very large chap. You can find Dtren on his socials here;

Dawson is known for candid short form content on social media where he openly discusses other bodybuilders and speaks openly about natural status and performance enhancing drugs.

This is still something less widely discussed in the industry, and so someone speaking about their own usage and possibilities of with or without being enhanced, there is a certain level of authenticity and quality to the content.

Dawson also trains and meets with other well known influencers like Jon Skywalker, Bradly Martyn and others, raising his profile in the process.

Dtren is known more for discussing his steroid cycles and often large doses (circa 2.5g of test per week, tren in high doses, recommending doses higher than others would) more so than discussing his own training split. 

Dawson has been known to provide commentary on specific exercises and their uses/usefulness. 

In terms of his actual split, we’re struggling to find this out! He’s definitely an advocate of practical in gym application more so than scientific approaches, so one would assume intensity in training and volume are most likely his key drivers. 

So, should you follow Dtren?

Well, that depends, if you like his content then yeah sure. I think there’s a part of persona within it which you need to be aware of and some comedic intent which those without industry knowledge may miss. But all in all, Dawson provides decent enough short form content that serves more of an entertaining purpose. If you’re looking to advance knowledge, this isn’t the place to go, but just for some motivation and easy to watch videos, then yeah sure!

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