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The Superior Body and Mind of Kristy Hawkins PhD

You’ll see a good example of this if you look at the movie “Don’t Make Waves,” and see actor Tony Curtis manipulating a befuddled Dave Draper to try and take his girlfriend (the unfortunate Sharon Tate) away from him.

“In the same way my brain seemed natural to respond to learning about science and math,” she explains, “my body responded to exercise and training.  I found that developing these two aspects of my life – mind, and body – created a balance that I found extremely rewarding.”

“As life goes on,” she says, “circumstances change, and your goals must change as well. But I certainly hope I will serve as an example to both female and male competitors that you can be a bodybuilder or powerlifter and still develop your other talents – as a doctor, lawyer, scientist, entrepreneur, or even movie star.”

“Training as a competitive athlete can be a springboard to future success, rather than a barrier.”

In 2011, Hawkins stepped away from professional bodybuilding and successfully stepped into the realm of powerlifting, while maintaining a “bodybuilder” type look to her physique. She has stated that when she was just starting this sport, she managed to squat 400 pounds.

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How female bodybuilding transcends female gender roles and standards.


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