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Need a Place to Train During Olympia Weekend? Yak’s Fitness is the Place to Be

“I did my first show in 1996. So, I started off in bodybuilding,” Yakimchuk said. “That was always my passion.”

Yakimchuk went on to become a national judge and president of the Saskatchewan Amateur Bodybuilding Association, His wife at the time, Shelly, even became an IFBB Pro. After originally opening a gym in his home country, he relocated to Las Vegas, where he resides today. He designed his gym with the bodybuilder in mind. Aside from top-of-the-line equipment, he has a smoothie bar, tables and chairs for guests to have their meals, and even a posing room for competitors and coaches that want to make sure they are on point before taking the stage.

“I don’t try to compete with anyone. We do always carry the torch for being the cleanest gym,” he said proudly. “After 12 years of running the gym, it takes a lot to keep that torch, but we do it.”

“I want to be very welcoming for the pros, and I’m also doing some very attractive guest packages.”


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