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OCR Athlete Rose Wetzel Shows How to Perform at Elite Levels After Age 40

She’s also achieved all of these athletic accomplishments past the age of 40. Wetzel shares how exercise helped her through life’s obstacles and how you can be the best version of yourself no matter the season you’re training in or the goal you’re striving for.

“As the youngest girl in a family of nine kids, I ran everywhere to keep up,” says Wetzel. By middle school, she found herself beating all the boys in footraces at recess, and after a few years playing soccer and basketball, she then focused on track & field in high school; winning a couple of 800m state championships and an athletic scholarship to Georgetown.

After college, Wetzel worked as a personal trainer while training hard to make the U.S. Olympic Trials, only to fall short on her first attempt. Wetzel’s friend suggested she try something new for a fun break—when in turn, opened up her athletic profile more than she originally anticipated.

With all of these accomplishments came a few different types of obstacles. Although unexpected, these hurdles showed Wetzel just how important exercise is when life gets tough.

Roughly seven years ago, Wetzel’s husband, Tim, was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, he is healthy today. But during those more challenging times, Wetzel was able to channel her then stressful and scary situation into her workouts. “The physical and emotional hurdles we faced during that time made me extra grateful for the exercise-induced endorphins I got from my daily workout,” she says.

Following Tim’s cancer diagnosis came another big obstacle, postpartum depression after giving birth. PPD is far from a walk in the park, so Wetzel instead chose to run as a means of coping. “Running provided great therapy, and so did a solid HIIT workouts.” she says, showcasing just how important exercise is not only for the physical body but for mental and emotional health as well.

Wetzel shared her top tips with the Muscle & Fitness readers that have helped her prioritize health and fitness along the way.

“Nutrition and self-care become increasingly important as we age.” Says Wetzel. Not shockingly, recovery and lean muscle maintenance become more challenging, so Wetzel recommends leaning in on protein and veggies, as well as getting adequate water and sleep. “Also, lifting heavy and doing high-intensity training will help build/preserve precious muscle.” She adds. A well-balanced life of exercise, rest, and nutrition is the answer to aging gracefully and healthfully.

Although the “American Ninja Warrior” finalist prefers her strength training and cardio separately, this combo workout provides a stellar physical and mental challenge perfect for boosting mental and physical strength.

How to:

After warming up, run one lap/400 meters around a track, and then do an exercise from the list below for 30 seconds before resting for 30 seconds (Repeat for 8-10 laps/exercises.):

A. Burpees

B. Lunges

C. Bear Crawl

D. Jump squats

E. Pushups

F. Speed Skaters

TIP: For a greater challenge, reduce the rest time to 15 second


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