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Defying the Desk: An MMA Fighter’s Approach to Fitness in a 9-5 Job

“Staying fit while working a desk job may seem challenging, but it’s manageable with a few strategies,” Louissaint professes. His approach is simple and effective, shedding light on strategies that can be implemented to maintain health and well-being. Incorporating regular movement into a daily routine might seem daunting to those working desk jobs. However, Louissaint insists it is much simpler than one might think. Stretching or walking every hour can drastically improve one’s well-being. It breaks the cycle of constant sitting and can refresh the body and the mind.

Technology can serve as an ally in this fitness journey. Louissaint suggests using a timer or reminder app to stay on track. These apps can work as personal fitness assistants, nudging one to stand, stretch, or walk briefly every hour. This routine keeps the body moving and breaks the persistent strain of desk work, reenergizing one for the tasks ahead. Simple exercises, while unconventional, can be integrated into the workday for significant health benefits. Louissaint suggests seated leg raises, chair squats, or desk push-ups. These exercises require no special equipment, only a little space, and can be effortlessly integrated into a workday.

Executing a few seated leg raises during a conference call, chair squats during a break, or desk push-ups before lunch can contribute towards maintaining an active body and improving strength and endurance.”The journey to staying fit while working a desk job is about embracing the unconventional. A few chair squats or desk push-ups can invigorate the body and keep the energy flowing,” Sedric encourages.

Correct posture is another aspect of fitness that Louissaint emphasizes. While sitting, it’s easy to sink into uncomfortable positions that strain the spine. However, a good posture can promote wellness as effectively as regular exercise. Louissaint advises, “Remember, sitting upright with feet flat on the floor, shoulders relaxed, and back supported can make a world of difference.” These minor adjustments in posture can reduce physical discomforts associated with desk jobs and significantly impact overall health and fitness. Beyond these daily fitness strategies, Louissaint’s lifestyle involves a lot of travel for his fighting career, meetings, and training programs. He doesn’t let travel hinder his fitness goals despite the potential disruptions to a regular fitness routine. He shares some essential items he always packs to ensure he stays in top shape on the move.

Carrying his MMA and boxing gloves is a must for Louissaint.”Having these handy allows me to squeeze in impromptu training sessions, no matter where I am.” These items enable him to continue training in a hotel gym or a local MMA studio.

Hand wraps, another essential item in his travel kit, protect his hands during intense training sessions, reducing injury risk. “Your hands are one of your most valuable assets in martial arts. It’s important to keep them always protected,” he adds. Louissaint considers a jump rope an indispensable tool for maintaining his cardio fitness on the move. “It’s lightweight, compact, and can be used anywhere. It’s a great way to keep my heart rate up, even when I can’t fit in a full workout,” he points out. Recovery is as crucial as training. Louissaint carries compression gear to expedite recovery after intense training sessions or fights. “It helps my muscles recover faster, so I can get back to training sooner,” he states. Louissaint always carries protein powder and vitamins for optimal nourishment. “Maintaining proper nutrition is critical for an athlete. These supplements ensure my body gets what it needs to perform at its best, no matter my location,” he maintains. With these travel tips, Louissaint demonstrates that it’s entirely feasible to maintain fitness while managing a demanding career and travel schedule. His unwavering commitment to health and fitness serves as an inspiration and a reminder that staying fit on the go requires planning, dedication, and a dash of creativity.

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