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Not hydrating enough? Drink it in with this innovative solution

“Well, there is a stark contrast between water, which would presumably have been the main route to hydration, and the energy-dense foods that we feed ourselves with (these days),” says Spence. “Water doesn’t really have a smell or much of a taste, hence the lack of sensory cues associated with water might be part of the reason for the problem of getting adequate hydration. By contrast, our brain does a great job of drawing our attention to the smell of energy-dense foods. The evidence suggests that while we may overconsume food if left to our own devices, we do the opposite when it comes to hydration – systematically underhydrating.”

“There is plenty of evidence that food smells can nudge us towards ordering or eating related foods,” says Spence. “Given the lack of aroma naturally associated with many drinks or waters, then visual cues, and/or the sounds of water are likely the way to go. One of the suggestions that emerges from the literature is that the visual appeal of glossy surfaces might be linked to an evolutionary attraction to sources of water or hydration glistening in the sunlight. From all the evidence that I have seen, it is typically the external cues; the smell, sight, and/or sound of food and drink that prompt us or remind us to eat or hydrate. We know how important staying hydrated is for both physical and cognitive function. “Lucozade Sport Zero Sugar” is packed with Vitamin B3 to help reduce tiredness and electrolytes to help keep active people hydrated and performing well. The drink is a perfect partner for those taking part in exercise classes or just going about their day – since we all need to keep hydrated, and the low calories in each bottle make it a good choice for people following any diet.”


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