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Jimmy Garoppolo has his Gym Bag Packed and Prepped for Las Vegas

I literally wear TravisMathew every day. I wear the Cloud Collection at night while studying the playbook. The partnership really came naturally. I’m not just saying that to pump up the brand, but the relationship happened naturally, which made it easy for me. I just had to throw it into the workout routine and the Raiders have been very cool with that. It’s been great and I love these guys.

I thought I knew a lot about the fabrics and how soft they were but talking to the people behind the scenes and how they go to Aruba to find these different materials for the clothes. I really appreciate that because the devil is in the details and that’s the stuff that separates clothing brands — how it feels and how it fits your body. That’s what TravisMathew does so well and that’s why it made our partnership so easy. It was meant to be.

I literally use this every day. It helps get the blood flowing and wakes up the muscles and tendons.


This is mainly a game-day thing and sometimes for practice here and there. These games are intense, and you have to be up for it. You have to be ready to go for 17 of these things. You have to use whatever advantage you can get and this one is one of those for me.


My brothers have a long supply of this stuff. It’s one of those things where we’re playing a kid’s game. You have to remember you’re supposed to be out there having fun. The Big League Chew just kind of brings me back to that little kid mindset every now and then.


This is just for my muscles, mainly my feet. With going through this surgery — this just helps loosen up the muscles on the bottom of your feet and the arches. It’s been important to me lately.

Game day jewelry is important to me. You look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. I’m a big believer in that. You have to match the wrist to the necklace. I’ve always been a low-key jewelry guy. I don’t like to be flashy. Like I said before, the devil is in the details. I like the finer things but in a low-key manner.


These are for training and game day, I’m old school. 50 Cent is my boy and I love 50 Cent on game days. I catch a lot of heat for that in the locker room but I’ll also listen to Lil Wayne, Jay-Z — a lot of Jay-Z. Rick Ross also and every once in a while, I’ll throw on some AC/DC. It’s a pretty good mix.


I really didn’t get into the hydration component until about my fourth year in the league. I remember seeing Tom [Brady] with the electrolytes and he would always be drinking those things. As a young player, you don’t think you need it, and you can just get by without it. As you get older in this game, you need every little advantage.




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