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How to Create a Successful Career in the Fitness Industry

For decades now, many people have followed pro bodybuilding and developed dreams of making their living in the sport or fitness industry in general. As glamorous as that life may appear, it is like any other field. You’re going to have to work hard and give it all you got if you want to make a living in the business.

Four women that know all about this are Whitney Jones, Lenda Murray, Wendy Fortino, and Camile Periat. The hosts of Femme Flex Friday devoted a recent episode to helping viewers learn more about how to achieve financial success in the fitness space.

One of those ways is as a trainer. Wendy Fortino is not only a competitor, but she worked as a trainer as well going back to the days before social media. She shared that her husband, Matt, also has worked as a trainer for years. Unless you worked in a gym, it could be hard to get clients. Fortino explained how times have changed and it could be an easier process for ambitious trainers now.

“As things have evolved, what has changed for us over time is adjusting to how things have evolved, and we’ve had to evolve,” she said. In short, being a student of the game and choosing to change with the times could put you ahead of some of the competition, like using Instagram or TikTok.

“You can’t keep doing the things that you used to do the same way that you used to do them you have to be able to adapt and adjust.”

Three-time Fitness Olympia Whitney Jones is also a trainer, but she realized that she couldn’t work with as many clients as she would like because of the schedule that comes with being a parent and world champion athlete. She found that working as an online coach helped expand her reach to make a difference. That may require working different hours, but she found it to be worth the commitment.

“I do most of my work from 10 pm to 1 to 2 A.M because I am the most efficient. No one’s bothering me on my phone, and I can knock out all my client updates in those four hours.”


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