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Derek Carr has a Gym Bag Packed for a Fresh Start in New Orleans


I always wear cleats when it’s time to run. If I’m running on grass or turf, it has to be in cleats for maximum traction and stability.


Obviously, you’re going to sweat during a workout, so I make sure to have a towel on me at all times.

Bose QuietComfort Headphones 

I love listening to music during my lifts. If I’m with my teammates sometimes I won’t wear them, but if I’m alone or at a gym in a new city I’ll make sure to have those with me. My favorite artist right now is Tauren Wells.

Shaker cup

I have to have a protein shake ready for post-workout. I love them because they are efficient for protein and fuel on the go.

OOFOS OOahh Slide

As soon as I’m done it’s always right into my OOFOS slides to begin active recovery. Consistency in my training is key. I first heard about OOFOS from Raiders Head Athletic Trainer, Chris Cortez, and I have worn them ever since. If I’m not wearing my cleats or another work-out specific shoe, I’m wearing my OOFOS slides. They’ve helped my body recover faster after an intense game or practice.


The perfect active recovery footwear to wear to and from a workout. I love the OOmg Sport because it is built for post-game recovery, yet street-ready for any occasion. It is designed on the same foundation of OOfoam technology and patented footbed geometry as other OOFOS models. OOFOS has become an essential part of having an edge on my competition—not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. When I step out of bed and throw them on after a hard game or practice, it gives me that little nudge in a positive direction where I can be more present.

Kids Toys 

I definitely have my kid’s toys in my gym bag at all times – I usually find them because they were playing with my bag the night before!

OOFOS Cool Down Cap

After a workout, I like to put on a hat that not only looks good but is also breathable.


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