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3 Variations Of The Front Squat You Should Try

That’s not a knock on the barbell back squat but more of a compliment to the front squat.

Front squats train your anterior muscle heavily, strengthening the quads and anterior core to a greater degree. The vastus medialis—aka the teardrop muscle—is targeted more heavily during the front squat. Plus, if you suffer from lower back discomfort while back squatting, the front squat vertical torso makes the squat more accessible because the spine has less compressive force placed upon it.

Here we get into what’s needed for good front squat form and three front squat variations that are not the barbell front squat for juicy quad gains and rock solid anterior core.

There are a ton of cues, techniques, and methods when it comes to the front squat, but the following are non-negotiable.

The barbell front squat will always remain the king of front squat variations, but only some have the upper back strength and mobility to hold a barbell in position. Or they are new to front squatting and need to start building the required strength and mobility for the barbell front squat. Either way, these three front squat variations will have you walking funny the next day.

You can thank me later.


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