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‘Femme Flex Friday’ Exposes Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Many people get into fitness because they love the possibility of seeing success, and in some cases, training is even enjoyable for them. However, the challenge for many is the nutrition component. Because of that challenge, fad diets have grown in popularity because of their marketing as “the” solution. Whitney Jones explained why people new to the fitness lifestyle resort to them so early and often in their fitness journeys on a recent episode of Femme Flex Friday.

“Fad diets are a part of our culture because there is always a quick fix that we are constantly searching for,” said the three-time Fitness Olympia Champion. “We want instant gratification.”

Jones, Lenda Murray, Camile Periat, and Wendy Fortino devoted this show to breaking down the history of these diets and why ultimately, they may not be as reliable as advertised. Fortino explained that she focused on carbs heavily during her days as a track athlete without knowing the proper application of “carb loading.” She would love to educate her younger self on what she learned since.

“I wish I could go back in time and, you know, introduce a little bit more protein into my diet.”

Murray and Periat both said they had tried what was known as the Cayenne Cleanse, which was supposed to help promote weight loss and digestive health, while Jones recalled trying the Cabbage Soup diet in her high school days. Other diets that were brought up include the Food Pyramid Diet and

even one that involved a tapeworm. Fortino observed that many people start these diets because of another issue that they are trying to solve by dieting, but it can backfire and make things worse. She then offered words of wisdom for viewers that are looking for such a solution.

“I think it’s a matter of doing something that doesn’t trigger you to a negative degree but also that you feel you can follow.”


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