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Will Hadi Choopan Go Back-to-Back at the Olympia?

Tim Wilkins, Chris Cormier, and Terrick El-Guindy discussed the champ’s chances on a recent episode of Prime Time Muscle. El Guindy noted that consistency is important in the sport, and Choopan has exhibited that over the last four years.

“(He’s) a phenomenal bodybuilder with incredible consistency on his conditioning,” said the IFBB Pro League judge and promoter. “He gained size, and he’s also had the muscle maturity.”

Consistency is a big part of winning, but so is work ethic. Cormier knows a lot about that, and he expressed that the champion does as well.

“Hadi is one of the hardest working guys that you ever want to see. He was back in the gym soon after the competition was over.”

Wilkins noted the definition that Choopan displayed when they reviewed his Olympia footage. It wasn’t just during poses, either.

“Look at the separations in the quads and the striations in the upper chest, and he’s not even hitting the upper chest. He’s in between poses.”

Contenders to Choopan’s title include 2022 Mr. Olympia runner-up Derek Lunsford, 2023 Arnold Classic winner Samson Dauda, and Nick “The Mutant” Walker. El Guindy understands why the fanfare for those contenders is there, but Choopan is the one he’s paying the most attention to right now.

“This is Mr. Olympia. This is the best bodybuilder in the world.”


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