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Tonio Burton Stamps His Olympia Ticket with a 2023 New York Pro Win

The New York Pro was first held in 2005, and Darrem Charles became the first champion of that contest. In the 18 years since, it’s become known as a star-creating contest. Several pro bodybuilders made their arrival to the scene by winning this contest. Names that come to mind include Kai Greene, Sergio Oliva Jr., Nick Walker, and Blessing Awodibu. A few legends such as Dexter Jackson and Branch Warren made pitstops to collect this title as well.

The 2023 edition of this contest was held on May 20, and it lived up to the hype as an elite contest on the schedule. Nine pro divisions were on the agenda, and they all had special moments that entertained and inspired the fans.

Stuart Sutherland made it very interesting for the judges, though. So, two men may have established themselves at this contest. Rounding out the top three was Josef Kveton, a newcomer from the Czech Republic.

1. Tonio Burton

2. Stuart Sutherland

3. Josef Kveton

4. Joe Seeman

5. Eric Wood

There were three other men’s contests taking place this past weekend. The 212 title went to Kerrith Bajjo, who will now look to stand with Olympia 212 champion Shaun Clarida because he qualified for the big show in Orlando on Nov. 2-5. Tickets for the Olympia can be scored at Michael Daboul won his second straight Classic Physique contest here after winning the Pittsburgh Pro one week prior, and former Arnold Classic Men’s Physique winner Ryan Terry took his division’s championship at this event.


1. Kerrith Bajjo

2. Diego Montoya

3. Jason Hebert

4. Jose Marte

5. Sung Yeop Jang

Classic Physique

1. Michael Daboul

2. Junior Javorski

3. Alexander Westermeier

4. Camilo Diaz

5. Eric Abelon

Men’s Physique

1. Ryan Terry

2. Vitor Chaves

3. Sidy Pouye

4. Daniel Ammons

5. Juan Manuel Goches


There were five women’s divisions at the New York Pro, including Women’s Bodybuilding. A pair of Natalia’s claimed first in both shows. Natalia Kovaleva won the bodybuilding title over second-place finisher Julia Whitesel, and she is now qualified to face defending Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw in Orlando.

You might have heard of the other Natalia, too. Ms. Physique Olympia Natalia Abraham Coelho has already won two shows in 2023. She followed up her Pittsburgh Pro win by dominating this contest as well. Since she won both shows as the Olympia champion, she also kept two other athletes from qualifying for the Olympia because only winners advance to the big stage from this point on in the season.


Women’s Bodybuilidng

1. Natalia Kovaleva

2. Julia Whitesel

3. Rene Marven

4. Donna Salib

5. Towanda Smith

Women’s Physique

1. Natalia Abraham Coelho

2. Emily Schubert

3. Joseli Schoenherr

4. Yuna Kim

5. Ann Gruber

The other three women’s contests were great events as well. Maria Pereira made the drive from Massachusetts to New Jersey, and she will return home with a win and Olympia qualification. Emily

Schubert took second in that contest. Bikini winner Aimee Delgado has now won four shows so far in 2023. She hopes that hot streak will continue as she prepares for the Bikini Olympia contest in Orlando this November. Last but least was the ever-growing Wellness division, and Gisele Machado won the contest with straight first-place votes. The Mexican competitor will hope to become the second Wellness Olympia winner when she stands with champion Francielle Mattos in Orlando.


1. Maria Pereira

2. Natalia Soltero

3. Jennifer Zienert

4. Rene Miller

5. Danielle Rose


1. Aimee Leann Delgado

2. Reijuana Harley

3. Ivy Escandar

4. Eli Fernandez

5. Shenese Case


1. Gisele Machado

2. Tefani-Sam Razhi

3. Lili Dong

4. Edna De Souza

5. Daisha Johnson


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