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The Prime Time Muscle Crew Break Down Missy Truscott’s Fitness Olympia Victory

After Cormier offered his apologies for incorrectly predicting Truscott would lose, the hosts shared footage of Truscott’s performance and shared their insights as to why she won the contest.

“Her physique is unparalleled,” said El Guindy, who was one of the judges at the Olympia. He also spoke positively about her performance in the routine round.

“She doesn’t miss a single transition,” he said. That was important for the champion because the routine round counts for two-thirds of the overall score. “She had high energy from the beginning to the end.”

Cormier noted something else about Truscott’s performance that evening. She came out with a shark costume on, and she kept the mask on throughout her entire routine.

“She stayed in character also. I liked that she stayed in character for the entire time she was out there.”

The guys also devoted time to speak about the runner-up that evening, Jaclyn Baker. Baker’s second-place finish was the highest she had scored at the Olympia to date. El Guindy noted how she stood out from the rest of the contenders.

“Her posing routine was different from Missy,” he shared. “She was emotional, it had everything.” El Guindy also noted that Baker missed one transition during her routine, which could’ve been the difference between first and second place at a show like the Olympia.

“That is Missy Truscott’s strength. She will never miss a transition.”


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