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Make Greater Hamstring Gains With The Underrated Stability Ball Curl

This ends now.

What is it? It’s the stability ball hip extension hamstring curl. It’s a mouthful, and after this deep dive into it, it’s an exercise that should become a regular part of your hamstring routine.

Let’s dive in.

Many hamstring exercises only train the hamstrings one way, but this exercise trains two hamstrings’ functions, as a knee flexor and a hip extensor. Giving you more bang for your hamstring buck.

Well, it is given away in the title, so there are no surprises. This exercise is predominately a lower-body exercise with only minor upper-body assistance. Here are the primary muscles trained by the SB hip extension hamstring curl.

It goes without saying, but I’m going to mention it anyway. The main reason you do most exercises is for vanity purposes. With this being a bodyweight exercise, you can perform higher reps for juicy hamstring gains. Here are a few more reasons you should do it.

There are some movements where you can tune out and let your mind wander to that tasty protein shake you will have afterward. This exercise is not one of those. Whenever you’re using a stability ball, it pays to pay attention. Here are a few form tips to watch out for to get the best out of this exercise.


The stability ball hamstring curl variation is best performed as an accessory exercise to improve your performance with squats and deads, reduce hamstring strains, and add some muscle-building volume.

Performing two to four sets of eight to 16 reps works well with most lifters. Supersetting this with another floor or stability ball exercise improves training efficiency and gains. Here is one example.

1A. Stability Ball Hip Extension Hamstring Curl 10 to 16 reps

1B. Unilateral Dumbbell Floor Press 8 to 12 reps per side.

To keep progressing and to stop you from getting stale, here are some variations and alternatives to keep your hammies in tip-top shape.


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