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Know When to Use These 6 Attachments Can Up Your Lat Pulldown Game   

Lat pulldowns benefit all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced lifters. It works almost every upper body pulling muscle—it’s an excellent accessory exercise for chinups, it helps gives you wings, helps you builds strength. And whatever your goal, there’s an attachment that can help get you there, from long bars to triangle bars.

Here we’ll cover six lat pulldown attachments to up your lat pulldown gains. If you need to get reacquainted with this great exercise, here is how to do it.

Here are the primary pulling muscles the lat pulldown trains.

But the real money is made by training the lats, the most prominent and widest muscle in the upper body. The standard lat pulldown bar is straight or curved, is 48 inches long, and weighs around 12 pounds. You can grip over or underhand and go wide or narrow to train your lats from various angles.

Some of these you may know about, and some you may not. But changing your grip and attachments prevents boredom and overuse injuries and trains your lats from various angles for better wing development. Here are six lat pulldown attachments to consider for your next lat pulldown session.


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