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Free 5 Day “Lose Your Gut” Challenge – Fall 2022

Who’s up for a challenge?

…We’re doing it again with another “Lose Your Gut” Challenge!

If you have fallen off the bandwagon, not happy with your current level of fitness, and have a gut that you’d like to get rid of – then I might be able to help…

While I don’t claim to know it all, I HAVE helped hundreds of guys transform their body, lose their gut, and get back in shape – without suffering through extreme crash diets or killing themselves in the gym with crazy workout schedules.

And yet…

After I became a father I never had the time (or the motivation) to spend endless hours in the gym. And I was sick and tired of eating boiled chicken and broccoli out of Tupperware Containers.

And it didn’t take long for it to show…

One skipped workout turned into a week-long break from the gym…

It became easier to pick up the phone and order a pizza than it was to cook a meal…

I tried to justify it all by saying that I’m just extra busy and I’ll get back on track “next week”…

But next week kept getting pushed back further and further…

All those little decisions started to add up, even though I “knew better”, I wasn’t doing what I knew I should do…

I fell into the “ALL” or “NOTHING” trap, and the problem with that is you rarely ever get “ALL” and more often than not end up with “NOTHING”.

It got to the point where I didn’t even recognize the man looking back at me in the mirror…

I was disgusted and embarrassed with how far I’d let myself go…

I had become fat and lazy and my stomach stretched the tape to over 40+ inches… Heck, my gut was sticking out further than my chest!

Can you relate to this? Is that kinda how you feel right now?

If so, I’d like to help – let me give you a proven road map to follow, so that you can stop hitting frustrating dead ends and getting off track – and instead take the fast lane to building a lean healthy body that you can be proud of.

Here is what I am proposing.

I’ve had a TON of guys reach out to me asking for my help… Especially after they saw my recent fat loss transformation results and I became a Resident Coach over on the Dad Bod Transformation Facebook Group.

Over the past few years I’ve ran several of these Free Lose Your Gut Challenge’s to help guys finally get control over their health, fitness, and get rid of the dreaded “DAD BOD”…

No fluff. No hype, No selling supplements or any other rubbish.

Just me pulling back the curtain and showing you EXACTLY what has worked for me and my VIP coaching students who have achieved amazing physique transformations.

The Lose Your Gut Challenge is a virtual coaching program – all done online – that will lay out a step-by-step action plan for you to follow to achieve your personal fitness and fat loss goals.

Over the past couple years I ran several of these FREE 5 Day Lose Your Gut Challenges and the feedback I received has been incredible!

Guys who have gone through this program have finally got their sh!t together and started seeing real fat loss results after months, or even years, of being stuck in a rut and going nowhere.

Just check out the results below to see what I mean…

And now I’m going to be doing it again, just in time to help you get control of your health and fitness before you get derailed again with holiday meals and celebrations… Thanks Giving, Christmas, New Years, etc…

Don’t worry it will be 100% FREE.

Zero obligation.

It’s simply 5 Days of virtual fitness and nutrition coaching that will arm you with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to help make your fitness and fat loss goals a reality.

And more importantly – show you how to sustain your results for life!

The challenge will be run through a private Facebook Group at:

If you’re down for the challenge, simply clink on the link to request access to join the group.

Note: the group is NOT officially live yet.

But I’ll accept you in the day before the challenge kicks off on Friday October 14th.

Then on Saturday, October 15th, The “Lose Your Gut” Challenge – will officially go LIVE and I’m going to cap it at 100 guys.

Those lucky 100 guys will get…

The best part is, this is all going to happen COMPLETELY FREE!

All I need from you is your TOTAL COMMITMENT for 5 days.

Again, the challenge will be run through a private Facebook Group at:

If you are not happy with what you see when you look in the mirror and are serious about losing your gut and getting back in shape – then go ahead and sign up now – because again, I’m limiting this to 100 guys MAX, and I don’t want you to miss out!

all the best,
Lee Hayward

If you want to get on the right track and finally Lose Your Gut and feel confident in your own skin – then take the first step and register for the FREE 5 Day Lose Your Gut Challenge while there are still spots available!


You may be thinking… “Lee, what’s the catch?”

Well there is no catch. Basically with the 5 Day Lose Your Gut Challenge – I’m going to be giving you the first phase of my Muscle After 40 Blueprint VIP Coaching Program for FREE.

Why am I doing this?

Because I know that after going through the 5 Day “Lose Your Gut” challenge a certain number of people will want to get more in depth one-on-one coaching with me afterwards. And if that’s something you’re interested in, then we can discuss the possibility of working together on a more personal level after the challenge is over. But that’s totally optional.

There’s zero cost or obligation to participate in the “Lose Your Gut Challenge”. It’s 5 days of FREE interactive coaching where I’ll share my best stuff to help you Lose Your Gut – and keep it off for life…

Does that sound like a fair deal?

If so, and you want to do the challenge, just visit the link below to request access to join the group, but do so now because spaces are limited.

Not sure if the FREE 5 Day Lose Your Gut Challenge is right for you? Well just check out some of the amazing results from some of our past “Lose Your Gut” Challengers…

You could be our next “Before” and “After” Success Story… Sign up for the FREE 5 Day Lose Your Gut Challenge at the link below and let your fitness transformation begin!


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