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Fouad Abiad Talks About Stem Cell Treatments on ‘The Menace Podcast’

The latest “Menace Podcast” felt like a bodybuilding bro chat for Dennis James, Milos Sarcev, and their guest, Fouad Abiad. The podcasters and bodybuilders caught up and spoke on several topics, including Abiad’s recent stem cell treatment. James revealed that he’s going to get treatment himself, and he wanted Abiad’s feedback about how it went for him when he had it done in February.

“They told me when I got it done I would notice some things other than the reason I went there,” said Abiad, who had went there for his kidneys. “They told me I would notice better sleep, they told me I would notice better digestion, better skin and hair.”

Abiad went on to say he didn’t notice much in those ways, but he had been dealing with a wrist issue that they did localized treatment for, and he’s very positive about that.

Abiad told James, “My wrist is probably 90 percent better. It definitely worked.”

James followed up by talking about his conversations leading up to his trip to Colombia, and he offered sound advice for anyone else that may be considering getting such treatment in the future.

“It has a lot to do with food,” he shared. “There’s a lot of things that maybe you should not eat. No coffee, no alcohol before the stem cell treatment.”

Abiad revealed that he recently had blood work done for the first time since his treatment, and he reported to James that his Glomerular Filtration Rate score increased by 15 points, which was a very good sign.

“I had a dramatic increase in my kidney performance, even though my diet’s not perfect and I drink coffee and these other things.”


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