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Flex Wheeler talks Career and Supps on ‘The Menace Podcast’

Dennis James of The Menace Podcast hosted another old-school panel with Milos Sarcev, Chris Cormier, and special guest, four-time Arnold Classic champion Flex Wheeler. Before talking about all things bodybuilding, James asked Wheeler about the latest news with his upcoming supplement line, and he’s excited about the upcoming launch.

“We both got our lines coming out. I’m excited about it just like you are. We’re doing our first appearance in a couple of weeks in India.”

Wheeler is no stranger to supplement companies. He’s been active with brands as both an athlete and executive. He’s optimistic about the potential for his new line, but he’s aware that he may need help to make it a lasting brand in a competitive market.

“You can have the best whatever you want in the world, but if you can’t get it out there, you might as well have the worst,” Wheeler explained. “Same thing as a trainer. If no one knows about you and your ability, you might as well not know anything. Marketing is everything.”

Sarcev eventually shifted the topic from the business of bodybuilding to the sport itself by asking about posing and if Wheeler thought he would do anything different when he watched old videos of himself competing.

“100 percent,” the Sultan of Symmetry answered. Cormier shared his thoughts about that topic as well.

“You’re never going to hit it perfectly,” he said. “In the heat of the moment, you’re tired, the lights are in your eyes, and they call you up a lot of times, you may not hit it perfectly, but going through it that many times in the room before hitting the stage, that’s what’s going to help you.”


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