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Fit Over 50 – How This 58 Year Old Went From Fat To Ripped!

Growing older and getting fatter… It’s seems to be the path that most men over 50 are heading down…

The majority of guys in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond – just give up on their health and fitness. Chances are you’ve been on “diets” and lost a bunch of weight, only to re-gain it all back again a few months later. So why even bother trying again when it’s only going to set you up for another disappointment?

That was the case for Trevor James, a 58 year old man from England. As the years went on his waistline grew bigger and bigger. He had to buy new pants and shirts every year because he old ones no longer fit. It kept going until his weight topped out at an embarrassing 255 pounds.

Feeling fat, old, and scared for his health – he decided enough was enough and he needed to make a change. Not just for himself, but to be the man he needed to be for his wife and daughter.

Within 2 years of making that decision, Trevor turned his life around, lost 74 pounds, and is now in the best shape of his life at 58 years young!

Trevor and I were recently chatting about his transformation and how he was able to get lean and jacked with visible 6-pack abs in his 50’s. He was kind enough to let me share his story below. Hopefully it will help inspire someone who’s in a similar situation right now to make a change before it’s too late.

Getting Fit Over 50
– How Trevor Lost 74 Pounds and Got 6-Pack Abs at Age 58…

My name is Trevor James and I am 58 years old. 2 years ago I weighed more than 115Kg (255Lbs). Today I weigh just 82Kg (181Lbs), and now I want to tell you all about it.

I’ve always tried to look after my body and health by doing some form of exercise (karate, cardio, gym exercise, swimming, running, etc) or eating what was always considered the “healthy” foods, so I became a little confused when I started gaining more and more weight as I grew older. I guess we all do that as we age – or so we are led to believe.

As an English teacher I spend most of my day sitting down with students on a 1-2-1 basis discussing the rules, grammar, and pronunciation of the language. So, my movements become rather restrictive, my activity levels reduced, and metabolism slowed down. Up goes the weight even though my eating habits remained the same with the occasional snack – or two – adding to the pressure.

I think, that in reality nothing spectacular ever happened to cause my weight gain, other than just living the “normal” life we all live. So it did not come as any surprise when I noticed my big fat gut in 2017 while on a premature honeymoon before marrying my beautiful young wife. My weight had gone up to almost 116Kg (255 pounds), a disastrous and rather risky level of weight gain. It had happened gradually over the years, so there is no real one blame. I knew I was putting on weight as every year and needed to buy larger size clothes, T-shirts from M to XXL, trousers from 34″ to 38″, and the like.

I was good at hiding it because of my height 188cm (6’2″) so I could carry on my days in a bright and cheerful way; however, I knew it was getting me down. I was trying to lose it by the normal “healthy foods”… But it wasn’t working. I tried diets, but they always failed because I was starving myself and when the diet ended, I’d put it all back on again. I wasn’t happy inside because of my weight and wanted to find an option to lose it – FOREVER.

I have a young wife and a younger daughter (she will be 5 in September, this year – 2019) and I did not like the thought of taking her to school being fat and looking old. I hated more the fact that she would have this fat old man that was old enough to be her granddad take her to school, and what she might have to put up with from the name-calling her peers would throw at her. She had a right, like every other child, to be proud of her daddy. I owed it to her, and my wife, to be in good health and in good shape – but here I was fat, old, and becoming very concerned about my weight and the medical problems that would fail me later (and more probably not that much later either).

I was looking on the internet for ideas to permanently lose weight and keep it off, and I came across some very interesting discoveries. There were a lot of people making some rather diverse suggestions about the foods that I regularly ate (potatoes, pastas, grains, sweetcorn, and the like) and occasionally ate (chips, beef burgers, pizza, sauces, juices, etc.) and how they greatly affected my weight.

Then I came across this guy (Lee Hayward) – a professional coach in the body-building world making suggestions about how to lose fat, build muscle and get back in shape. And decided to follow his program after agreeing that there were issues with my diet and exercise. For me it meant changing the main focus of my diet and exercise once and for all. I took it slow, made changes and progress gradually, and one year later I was down nearly 20kg (44 pounds).

Another six months and I was at my leanest weight – 82Kg (181 pounds) – beaming with confidence!

I continued to follow along with Lee’s coaching and use his exercise routines at the gym. I read his courses and used his advice, along with some other material I have researched – I have also put much of what I have studied into a program ready to go out to the public on how I transformed my body.

These changes were not easy, but they have been remarkably great and fun. I have seen changes in my body that I never knew could happen. I have watched my 6-pack reappear after over 30 years – wondering where the hell my abs have been all this time; I have seen an amazing alteration regarding my health and energy levels. Before I couldn’t run a few hundred meters without some pain in my back, hips, or legs. Now I run 30 Kilometers every week in addition to doing cycling and gym workouts. I have so much energy that I feel like a 20-year-old young stallion let loose with everything for me.

As I said, it has not been easy. I had to deal with choosing to find the right foods and give up on eating snickers every week; drinking soda pop every week, juices, sauces, processed carbohydrates, etc. I had to find ways to break old habits and create new ones. I had to fight with myself and keep on when I wanted to stop. I had to challenge my desire to give-up when I knew stopping was the easiest option. I had to wake up and workout when I wanted to sleep; I had to go when I wanted to stay. I HAD TO MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES AND I HAD TO MAKE THEM RIGHT THEN!

When I look back on the path I had to take and the road along the way – I can say that it has been the toughest, and yet the most positive pathway I have ever taken. It has been one hell of a challenge, and I am not going to tell you otherwise. But, and I repeat BUT, it has been the greatest thing I have ever done. I am in my best shape physically, I am healthier, more active now then I have ever been. In the best shape I could ever hope for. Lee has been an inspiration, and I hope that I can equally pass on that inspiration in this testimony.

I have discovered that there are many reasons for giving up something, and usually only one reason to continue, but it is that one reason that can lead you to make the change, so why give up on your goal?

There are two things I have learnt in order to become successful in everything in life:
1. Keep on doing it, regardless of the challenges;
2. Never give up!

Now, you can be old, fat, boring, and grey in your mid to late fifties and beyond, or you can start making little changes and challenging yourself everyday and be the best version of you. I go to my local gym and see men and women half my age looking at me out of the corner of their eyes. It makes me feel great inside and I love it!

I’ve heard people suggesting I use chemicals, and I do: I use them to clean my toilet. I eat clean healthy food (I keep the junk foods to a bare minimum and sometimes not at all). I walk tall and proud knowing that my family love the way I have changed. I am ready to take my daughter to school; holding her hand and telling the teachers that I am her daddy!

We can all make changes. We all need to make changes. Why not make the changes that benefit you and your loved ones? SURELY YOU ALL DESERVE BETTER?

Thank you, a million times, Lee. I hope you continue to inspire others as you did to me. I hope I can enhance that inspiration in what I have written to let people all over the world in their 50s know that they do not have to give in and get fat. By making simple and positive changes – and keeping consistent – they can be the best they have ever been – EVER!

Trevor James

In just 2 years Trevor went from fat, depressed, worried for his health, and afraid of being a burden and embarrassment to his family… To now living life to the fullest as a healthy, lean and ripped 58 year old. He’s a better husband, better father, and better person all around – because he choose to make his health and fitness a priority.


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