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‘Femme Flex Friday’ Hosts Discuss the Importance of Coaches

When a fan thinks of a great athlete, they should also think about the coach of that athlete. Examples include Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and in bodybuilding the pairings may include Ronnie Coleman and Chad Nicholls or Phil Heath and Hany Rambod.

Wendy Fortino can speak to this from a unique perspective because she started her career working with her husband as her coach, Matt Allen. However, she feels that the supply of coaches available today can be a good thing for many athletes.

“There’s a wide range of athletes, right? You have athletes that are entry-level that maybe want to cross this off their bucket list, and then you have athletes that want to get their pro card and go to the Olympia. I feel the range of coaches can accommodate that.

Whitney Jones is a three-time Fitness Olympia champion, and she’s been in the sport for several years now. She offered suggestions on what to look for in a coach that can help an athlete prepare for a competition.

She also feels that the coach you hire should have experience working with athletes in the division you want to compete in.

Eight-time Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray didn’t know too many “coaches” in her era, but she did work with different trainers, and there is a difference in the meaning. She did work with Nicholls in the early 2000’s, and she found he served her well as the prep was winding down.

“There was a requirement of coaching in the last two weeks, and I was clueless as far as the details,” she said. “For me, that was a big part of my success.”


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