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Femme Flex Friday Co-Hosts Talk Modern Day Romance and Dating

When it comes to the women’s side of bodybuilding, Lenda Murray, Whitney Jones, Camile Periat, and Wendy Fortino are four of the best experts that you will ever find. The co-hosts of Femme Flex Friday can speak about any athlete in every division to educate the viewers and fans every week. They don’t just want to help with topics inside the sport. They also want to help enrich the quality of life for the people that follow them.

“It’s kind of interesting, but brace yourself,” she said. “I think some of these apps depend on your location because Tinder here in Arizona is 100 percent hook up app.”

Fortino asked the group what people would consider a successful dating app. The success rate of each or all apps may depend on what your goal is, ranging from getting married to something more casual.

“If your goal is to date a bunch of people, then it’s a successful app. Is your goal to find a mate that you want to spend the rest of your life with? Well, if you’re getting 20 matches every day at noon and you have all these options, then that doesn’t sound very successful to me.”

Periat suggested that perhaps looking within could be a factor as well. The way you present yourself to the world may be a reflection of the type of attention you’re getting.


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