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Chef Rush Talks About His New Book on the ‘Fit Rockstar Show’

Chef Andre Rush is known for his culinary prowess and powerful arms that he uses for doing over 2,000 pushups a day, but he now has a new title on his resume – author. Rush recently released his new book I’m a Chef, Dammit, which chronicles his life’s journey from living in the south to working in the White House to his work today in the kitchen and on TV.

Rush joined Isabelle Turell for a recent episode of The Fit Rockstar Show to talk about his book, which he hopes entertains and inspires readers. He also wanted it to be something he did his way.

“I kind of went out of the box with the book and the audiobook. I did it myself, and I didn’t want to tell people what they wanted to hear,” said Rush. “I told everybody what they needed to hear, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent.”

Rush felt that blunt honesty was the best way for him to tell his story and educate those interested in what he has to say. He also paid tribute to his mother, who he has often credited for inspiring him to start cooking. Turell asked what would happen if Rush had a chance to go into a cook-off against her now. As big and bold as Rush is, that is one challenge he wouldn’t accept.

Chef laughed at the question for a moment and said, “I would never try to cook against my mother. Not even close.”


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