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Bench Press Workout + Build Bulletproof Shoulders!

If you want to continue gaining strength on the bench press, try this Dynamic Effort Bench Press workout. It’s a great way of not only building explosive power but also introducing accommodating resistance into your training.

Be careful, though!

Shoulder injuries from the bench press are very common. However, you can prevent a lot of injuries and build bulletproof shoulders by balancing your shoulder development. Most guys who do heavy pressing exercises often neglect the opposing muscles such as the rear delts.

In the workout below you’ll see how to safely increase your bench press strength and “Bulletproof Your Shoulders”.

Here’s The Complete Workout…

– Light Cardio
– Lying Arm Circles (2×20 Reps)

Bench Presses
– Resistance Band Bench Press – (8×3 Reps)
– Floor Pin-Press Lockouts – (Sets of 5 Reps until it gets hard)

Rear Delts
– Face Pulls – (3×12+ reps)
– Band Pull Aparts – (3×12+ reps)
– Reverse Pec Dec Flys – (3×12+ reps)

Back / Lats
– Wide Grip Pull-ups – (3 sets of as many reps as you can do)

Shoulder & Core Stabilization
– Kettlebell Waiter Walks – (3 laps back and forth the gym)

Watch and follow along with the full workout below…

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