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A Requiem For Jim Lorimer

The Schwarzenegger/Lorimer partnership has become a mainstay of the entire city of Columbus, contributing tens of millions of dollars annually to the City’s coffers. “Jim put Columbus on the map when it came to bodybuilding and other sports-related competitions,” said Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther. “But he did much more for the city, especially our young people.”

Despite the growth of the Arnold, Lorimer still found time to enrich his life and lives of others, notably in his community of Worthington. He was appointed Worthington’s mayor in 1967, a position he held for 14 years. He was later elected to Worthington City Council, and served as vice mayor of Worthington for several decades before retiring in 2019. Add it all up and there’s no argument that Lorimer used his 96 years well. But of all he accomplished in his long life, Lorimer remained, at heart, one of us. In a 2020 interview Jim said, “I’ve had an opportunity to do a number of things, and have enjoyed them all. But the most rewarding of all is what happened with the Arnold Sports Festival.” For that we are forever grateful.

Lorimer was preceded in death last year by his beloved wife of more than 50 years, Jean. He is survived by the couple’s three children, Kathy Jane Nagle (Paul), James Jeffrey Lorimer (Jeanne) and Robert Craig Lorimer (Tammy), six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Jim Lorimer was fearless, a dreamer, the taskmaster, a confident, powerful man who honored us by responsibly running a major industry event of which we have been proud for over two decades. What he set into motion has become unstoppable. Generations from now, athletes from all over the wolrd will continue to descend upon Columbus to participate in a landmark event that serves more athletes than the Olympics. But, as far as that reach will extend, the core of that monster will forever be the men and women bodybuilders who first took the stage in 1989.

Godspeed, Jim. You lived a great, long, life and touched so many people. I’ll forever cherish the ride you took me on up the scissor jack, to view the Expo from your favorite perch, high above the floor. The view from the top being a metaphor, I suppose, for from where you’re looking now. RIP my friend.

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