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3 EMOM Workouts To Keep You Summer Ready

A common myth surrounding fitness is that you need a long time to work out, which often leads to the ultimate excuse that I don’t have the time. If you believe in that myth, be prepared to get it busted because you don’t need much time, but you do need to bring the heat.


Set your timer for a heart-pounding eight minutes and prepare to embark on a challenging exercise routine designed to push your limits. With each passing minute, you’ll dive headfirst into a carefully crafted pairing of movements, aiming to complete it with high-quality technique.

Once you’ve finished the reps or set scheme, take a well-deserved breather for the remainder of the minute. But don’t get too comfortable because the next minute is just around the corner, ready to push you further,” explains Whelan.





EMOM 1: Pushup to Sprint

The explosive pushup movement trains your muscles to contract forcefully and efficiently, which carries over directly to the explosive burst required during sprints. By integrating the pushup start, you are preparing your body to transition from upper-body push to lower-body propulsion while “falling” forward, enhancing your ability to accelerate and reach top speed while also training upper-body power right out of the gates.

EMOM 2: Jump Lunges + V-up

This dynamic exercise pairing offers a range of benefits that will help you develop more potent, more powerful legs and a stable, robust core. The Jump lunges target your legs, glutes, and explosive power, while V-ups engage your abdominal muscles, promoting core strength and stability. They create a synergistic fusion that torches calories and improves balance, coordination, and muscular endurance.

EMOM 3: Broad Jump + Plank Shoulder Tap

The explosive power generated during the broad jump carries over seamlessly to the stability and control required during the plank exercise. By transitioning from the explosive movement of the broad jump to the static plank position, you challenge your body to maintain stability and control while engaging your core muscles for added intensity.



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