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Bulking and Cutting 30 days Diet




What is Bulking and Cutting?
Many people describe these terms as simply gaining muscle and losing fat, but that is not all.
Bulking: It is a time period in which you focus primarily on building muscle, gaining weight and increasing your stamina. During this time period, you increase your calorie intake to create a caloric surplus.
Cutting: It is a time period in which you primarily focus on losing weight, fat and becoming leaner. During this time period, you decrease your calorie intake while increasing your calorie expenditure.
The key to building muscles and achieving your ideal body shape is alternating between these two cycles.

If you want to build muscles, you need to bulk up and gain weight. Now the problem is gaining weight without putting on fat. If you want to bulk up in 30 days, it is important you consume at least 4000 to 5000 calories a day during your bulk cycle.
Unfortunately, it is difficult to gain weight without putting on fat. This is why you need to focus on consuming ‘clean calories.’ Munching on pizza and cheeseburgers is the easiest way to put on weight but it will also get you a double chin so understand stuffing yourself with junk food is not the answer.

Most diets on the internet are unhealthy and wreak havoc on your health. Sure, you will be able to climb the scale quickly but will also be at the risk of suffering from health problems associated with your poor diet.


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