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What Are the Best Beauty Oils for Your Face?

Since the time of ancient Greece and Rome, beauty oils have been widely used in a variety of beauty treatments including massages, baths, and cosmetics. Commonly known as “fixed oils” or “carrier oils,” beauty oils stay fixed on the skin and do not evaporate as fast as other oils. As such, they can be excellent for keeping skin hydrated and protected from environmental factors like UV radiation, and a must for everyone’s skincare arsenal. 

In this article we’ll explore more about the benefits of these beauty oils and finding the best ones for your face.

Although certain beauty oils are more suitable for certain skin types, there are certain ingredients that can be found in these oils that are universally beneficial for all skin types. Though not all the ingredients below apply to all beauty oils, these are the main ingredients in most varieties:

Before deciding what type of beauty oil to use on your skin, you should first know your skin type. If you aren’t sure, here are a couple of techniques to gain some clarity:

Using a facial cleansing cream or make up remover, remove your make up, pat your skin dry, and wait a half-hour or so. Afterwards, observe your skin. Look at your forehead, cheeks, and nose. If your skin appears shiny, this indicates that you have an oily skin type. If it appears flaky or tight, that’s a sign that you have a dry skin type. If your cheeks aren’t shiny but your forehead is, this is an indicator that you have a combination skin type. 

Pat your face with some blotting paper and then hold it up to the light. If only a little oil is on the sheet or none, this is a sign that you have dry skin. If you notice some oil on the sheet, this could be an indicator that you have combination skin. Finally, if the paper has a lot of oil on it, you are probably an oily skin type. 

If you have oily skin, the tendency is to steer clear of products containing more oil. However, it’s important to know that all beauty oils for the face are not alike and not all of them will clog your pores. In fact, there are beauty oils out there that are suitable for just about every skin type whether it be dry, normal, sensitive, or oily.

Not sure what beauty oil is right for your skin type? Here are some helpful tips to choose the right oil for your skin:

According to skincare experts, the best time to incorporate beauty oils for the face into your skin care routine is at night when skin is resting and recovering. In addition, using facial beauty oils when flying or when you must deal with dry air can be beneficial to preventing dehydration of the skin.

Still not convinced that using a beauty oil for your face is right for you? Here are some tips that will help you easily incorporate them into your skin care routine:

No matter your skincare concern or skin type, facial beauty oils can strengthen, soften, and restore your skin health. So, give them a try today and reap the benefits of beautiful skin tomorrow.

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