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Asian woman weight loss and diet concept


When the objective is to lose weight, people oftentimes erroneously choose workouts involving
a large number of repetitions. The idea is to “define” or “trim” their musculature locally (e.g., by doing the “biceps 21 curl”). 

There are two basic biological errors in this approach:
1. You cannot lose weight locally by doing specific workouts for that area.
2. Fat burn in (intense but short) anaerobic exercises is negligible compared to aerobic exercise using light or moderate weight for a prolonged period.

Lifting a weight 15, 20 or 30 times, for example, is still an anaerobic exercise. So what is the solution?

Probably the smartest way to lose weight and at the same time display a more defined musculature is to train hard using weights, which also burns up calories and maintains a high metabolic rate. It is also advisable to combine aerobic exercise (e.g., jogging), with a balanced diet (i.e., less but better food intake), and the results will soon be visible.

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