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Putt Like a PGA pro at Your Next Miniature Golf Outing

If you’ve played golf even once in your life you know that putting is more involved than simply tapping the ball with your club in the direction of the target. Successful putting takes practice, patience and good ole’ technique.

Beyond hitting the mini golf course, seeking the guidance of a skilled instructor can take your putting performance from blah to hurrah!

Fischer explains if you embrace the fun and challenge of mini golf, your performance on the 18-hole course will reach new heights.

Here, Fischer provides step-by-step instructions to elevate your game as you enjoy the journey toward becoming a proficient putter.

Pro Tips:

Length: There are three putter lengths: Standard, long, and short. It’s best to try each length to see what fits your body style, and your height.

Putter Head Design: The design of the putter head plays a vital role in your putting performance and your visual comfort. The design options are blade putters, mallet putters, and a hybrid style of those two.

Grip: Putters can have traditional grips or oversized grips. Grip along with other factors discussed is a personal decision that can significantly impact your golf game.

Fish’s Tip: The most important thing to do is, feel the putter in your hands and make sure the weighting matches your putting stroke, and the aesthetics of the design matches your eye.


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