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Here’s Why the Dumbbell Pullover Should Be in Your Workout

Although it may be neglected by the new era of gymgoers, most old-school moves will find a way back to the training mainstream. And the time is now to begin getting reacquainted with the dumbbell pullover.

Here we’ll dive deep into the dumbbell pullover so you can build slabs of upper body muscle for more flex appeal.

At its core, the dumbbell pullover is an exercise that trains the chest and lats without using your biceps and triceps. Not using these muscles limits your weight, but more emphasis will be on your chest and lats. Lying on a bench and bringing the dumbbell behind puts an incredible pre-stretch on the working muscles for better muscle-building potential due to the extensive range of motion.

The dumbbell pullover is primarily an upper-body exercise with assistance from the lower body (depending on body position) to maintain a neutral spine. Here are the major muscles trained by the dumbbell pullover.

The dumbbell pullover is a simple exercise, and because of that, its benefits are overlooked. Seeing that I’m bringing old-school back, here are the tried and true benefits of performing dumbbell pullovers.

The dumbbell pullover is a simple exercise, but you need to watch out for simple mistakes that take away from the effectiveness of the exercise. Here are a few pullover mistakes to keep an eye on.

If you struggle to find proper positioning during the pullover or have shoulder mobility deficits, take these variations out for a test drive.


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