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Best Spermidine Supplements: Review of the Top 5 Brands

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Anti-aging scientists consider Spermidine as one of the most promising autophagy-inducing agents.

Autophagy is the process in which cells clear out old dysfunctional proteins and organelles. This is important because the misfolded and damaged proteins trigger inflammatory processes which have been linked to several age-related diseases.

This interest has sparked an explosion in the number of Spermidine supplements available on the market. Given the abundant choice, it can be hard to know which Spermidine brand to invest in.

In this article, we’re going to do a deep dive into the best Spermidine supplements based on purity, quality, and effectiveness.

Before we get into it, we first need to go over the main things to look out for when deciding which Spermidine supplement to buy:

Natural Spermidine is sourced from plants such as wheat germ, buckwheat sprouts, or rice germ extract. Whereas synthetic Spermidine is made in a lab. You can easily tell them apart by looking at the supplement facts table. Synthetic Spermidine is labeled as “Spermidine Trihydrochloride”.

The dose of Spermidine from natural sources such as wheat or rice germ ranges from 1-10mg. On the other hand, synthetic Spermidine is often available at a higher dose of 10-25mg per serving. There is no official recommended Spermidine dose so you’ll need to decide this based on your goals.

The highest quality Spermidine supplements will avoid the use of artificial fillers and additives like magnesium stearate. Also, look out for whether the supplements are made in a GMP certified manufacturing facility. This certification will ensure that the manufacturers adhere to strict safety measures.

Natural or synthetic Spermidine: Natural Wheat Germ Extract 1000mg (1% standardized)

Spermidine dose: 10mg

Price: $44.97

Key features:

OMRE’s Spermidine supplement offers a premium wheat germ source at a whopping 1000mg. As it’s standardized to 1%, it means that a 2-capsule serving provides a 10mg dose of Spermidine. It’s one of the highest doses of Spermidine, from a natural source, on the market.

Furthermore, OMRE supplements do not contain additives like magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide and the capsules are vegan.

Their supplements are made in the USA in a GMP licensed facility and every batch is sent for 3rd party testing. In summary, they cover all angles when it comes to quality assurance.

Natural or synthetic Spermidine: Natural Wheat Germ Extract 800mg

Spermidine dose: Approximately 1mg

Price: $69

Key features:

SpermidineLIFE is a well-known Spermidine brand that offers a lab-verified, spermidine-rich wheat germ extract. This supplement also contains a small amount of vitamin B1 and Zinc.

The wheat germ extract is not a standardized extract so the Spermidine level may be different depending on the batch. However, this was intentional because SpermidineLIFE aims to provide a supplement that is as close to nature as possible. They also use a plant-based capsule so is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

This product does come with a premium price tag which makes this one of the more expensive products on the market.

Natural or synthetic Spermidine: Natural Rice Germ Extract 500mg (1% standardized)

Spermidine dose: 5mg

Price: $36.87

Key features:

Toniiq sells two types of Spermidine supplements. One contains a natural source and the other uses Spermidine Trihydrochloride which is a synthetic form. We’ve picked the natural version for this review as we think it is preferable.

This supplement contains 500mg of rice germ extract which is standardized to contain 1% Spermidine. Therefore, a 2-capsule serving will contain 5mg of Spermidine.

Toniiq sends every batch for 3rd party testing to ensure that you get the purity and dose that’s claimed on the bottle. The only thing to mention is that this supplement does contain magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide which some buyers may want to avoid.

Natural or synthetic Spermidine: Synthetic

Spermidine dose: 8mg

Price: $49

Key features:

As the name suggests, DoNotAge is a brand that focuses on selling high-quality anti-aging supplements. Their Spermidine supplement contains a synthetic form of Spermidine that is highly pure.

This Spermidine supplement does not contain any artificial fillers or flow agents. They use Rice flour instead which is great to see. And of course, their supplements are manufactured in a GMP certified facility.

They also offer great bulk discounts when you order enough to cover a years supply.

Natural or synthetic Spermidine: Synthetic Spermidine Trihydrochloride

Spermidine dose: 10mg

Price: $39.95

Key features:

Double Wood is a well-known US supplement brand that produces a range of anti-aging supplements. Their Spermidine supplement uses a synthetic version in the form of Spermidine Trihydrochloride.

In terms of quality, Double Wood tick’s all the boxes as it’s produced in the USA, 3rd party tested, and avoids the use of artificial additives.

Overall, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a synthetic Spermidine supplement that’s good value for money.

Spermidine belongs to a group of three organic compounds called “polyamines”. Polyamines are found in all living cells and they play an important role in facilitating cell growth and DNA repair.

More recently, it’s been discovered one of these polyamines, Spermidine, has the ability to induce autophagy.

Autophagy is an essential cellular process whereby damaged organelles (i.e. mitochondria) and misfolded proteins are cleared out. It’s our cell’s very own recycling and waste management system.

Autophagy is naturally activated by caloric restriction (aka fasting). When your cells sense that nutrition is scarce, it hunkers down into a protect and repair mode. Therefore, Spermidine is also considered a potential agent that mimics the action of fasting.

As the levels of Spermidine decline with age, scientists have looked at whether boosting levels could have a positive impact on health. On that note, there have been several studies in animals that have shown some potential age-extending benefits. At this stage, it’s important to mention that these benefits have not been proven in humans:

Spermidine supplements for cognitive health is an area that’s most researched in humans. At the time of writing, there are several studies looking at whether Spermidine supplements improve memory and executive functioning in older adults.

It’s important to reiterate that the majority of research has been carried out in animals and human trials have been inconclusive. A lot more research needs to be done before any conclusions can be drawn on the benefits of spermidine supplements.

The process of aging is complex and involves myriad different pathways. To better understand the process, scientists think about this in terms of the “hallmarks of aging”.

As more research is published, the hope is that Spermidine could potentially have an impact on one or two of the hallmarks of aging which are linked to autophagy.

Therefore, Spermidine on its own will not be able to slow down or reverse aging. Even if it’s proven to support cellular autophagy in the future, this is only one of many factors that contribute to the overall mechanism of aging.

That’s why all the natural spermidine supplements on the market use a source such as wheat germ.

But it’s important to note that the amount of Spermidine in food sources is a tiny fraction of that in supplements. For example, Wheat germ and soybeans contain 2,437 and 1,425 nmol/g of Spermidine respectively. That number is in nanomoles!

So it would mean you’d need to consume a kilo of soybeans (obviously not realistic), to come close to the dose you’ll obtain from supplements.

One of the first things you need to decide before you buy a Spermidine supplement is whether you want a natural or synthetic source.

Natural Spermidine is most commonly found in the form of wheat germ extract. You may also come across other sources such as rice germ and buckwheat extract. These food sources naturally contain the highest amount of Spermidine. These extracts will also contain Putrescine and Spermine which are the two other polyamines.

Synthetic Spermidine is made in a lab and called Spermidine Trihydrochloride. Supplements containing synthetic Spermidine will not contain any other polyamines.

It’s not known whether natural Spermidine is better or worse than the synthetic form. There are no studies that directly compare them. Therefore, it all comes down to personal preference when choosing which form to go for.

Spermidine is an ingredient that does not have a recommended daily required intake like vitamins and minerals. In other words, there is no official recommended daily requirement for Spermidine.

The Spermidine supplements on the market often contain a dose that’s slightly higher than that used in research studies (1-5mg).

The human studies so far have not yielded great results from using doses closer to 1mg and therefore, in the future, it may be that higher doses are required to achieve any benefits. With that said, this is just speculation and we won’t know what the ideal dose will be for some time.

This will come as a relief to many people, especially as many supplements are poorly absorbed from the gut.

On this note, there are many brands that sell Spermidine in liposomal format to enhance absorption. But this is unlikely to be necessary given the excellent absorption.

The side of effect profile of Spermidine supplements is generally very low. The natural Spermidine options are sourced from grains that most of us consume every day.

The main issue is that people with celiac disease should avoid wheat germ-based supplements because they will contain small amounts of gluten.

Side effects are much more common with respect to the excipients used in supplements. These are the ingredients such as magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide which are added during the manufacturing process to avoid damage to the machinery. Nowadays, the best spermidine supplements will use alternatives such as rice flour to get around this issue.

With all that said, everyone is different and side effects are always possible, regardless of the fact that Spermidine supplements are usually well-tolerated. That’s why it’s important to speak to your doctor before you start any new dietary supplement. This is particularly important if you have any other medical conditions or are taking any regular medications.

There are some brands that sell spermidine in liposomal format with a claim of improved absorption. However, it’s unlikely that liposomal spermidine is any better than powder Spermidine. That’s because several studies have shown that Spermidine is excellently absorbed from the gut.

Liposomal supplements are great for insoluble and poorly-absorbed ingredients. However, nutrients that are easily absorbed do not need to be liposomal.

Liposomal supplements are often way more expensive and this added investment may not be worthwhile when it comes to Spermidine.

Spermidine can be taken any time of day that suits your schedule. Given that Spermidine is present in small amounts in most of the food we consume on a daily basis, it’s unlikely that it makes a difference what time of day you take it.

Eating more grains, soya, nuts, and mushrooms can help boost levels. However, it will be difficult to increase Spermidine levels naturally through your diet when compared to taking supplements. Most food sources contain very small amounts of Spermidine.

Wheat germ is one of the best sources of Spermidine and contains 243 mg per kilogram.

That’s why most Spermidine brands use wheat germ as their source. Additionally, the best spermidine supplements will ensure that the dose is standardized to 1%.

It seems like a small number, but it’s the highest available purity available on the market. Standardized ingredients guarantee you get the dose that’s claimed on the bottle.

With all this hype around Spermidine’s potential benefits, you may be wondering how much of an impact it really has.

In truth, the answer to this question is, we don’t know yet.

Although there are a number of animal studies that have demonstrated spermidine’s ability to improve the hallmarks of aging and extend lifespan, it’s not proven in humans.

Human studies are scarce and some trials have shown no improvement. It’s still too early to tell and hopefully in the next few years, as more research comes out, we will know more about the ideal dosage and length of time needed to see benefits.

Yes, Spermidine supplements are designed to be taken every day. In terms of long-term safety data, there are a handful of studies that used Spermidine continuously for up to 12 months. They did not report any serious side effects or concerns.

The researchers theorize that polyamines (which include Spermidine), are critically important for rapidly growing cells like the ones found in hair follicles. And restricting Spermidine can significantly reduce hair growth.

With that said, we don’t know yet whether Spermidine is beneficial for conditions associated with hair loss. There are many different causes of hair loss which have very different underlying mechanisms.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting avenue of research and we will know more in the years to come. Currently, Spermidine supplements are not a recommended treatment for hair loss conditions.

Polyamines (which include Spermidine), are rapidly absorbed from the gut.

But how long this takes to translate into health benefits in humans is not known. In animal studies, benefits are measurable within weeks to months.

As with all things health-related, there are no quick fixes. If you were to start a new diet, you wouldn’t expect to see a difference within a few days. The same applies to Spermidine supplements. Most brands recommend continuing for around 3 months before you decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

The best way to objectively check if Spermidine is working is to carry out biological age testing before you start taking it and again a few months later to see if there is a measurable improvement.

Ultimately, Spermidine works on a cellular level, and measuring biomarkers that track cellular changes is the only reliable way to measure if it’s working.

Realistically, most people won’t feel any different. Spermidine supplements are not meant to make you feel any certain way and you should be wary of brands that claim this.

There are some anecdotal reports of people feeling as if they have more energy, mental clarity, and cognitive sharpness after taking Spermdine for several months.

However, it’s important to mention that subjective differences in how people feel are not very reliable.

So you may be thinking, what’s the point of taking Spermidine if I won’t feel any different?

Well, it’s the same way you don’t expect to feel any difference if you take omega-3 or vitamin C. Supplements are designed to support a healthy lifestyle, rather than have a drastic impact on how you feel.

Prof David Sinclair is arguably one of the best-known scientists in the longevity field. He’s mentioned in numerous videos that he takes 1mg of Spermidine in the morning.

If you’re taking Spermidine supplements for anti-aging benefits, you may be wondering whether it can also reduce skin wrinkles.

There are a multitude of reasons why we develop wrinkles as we age. The most important one is cumulative UV radiation from the sun. Other than this, things like your diet, genetics, and pollution/smoking play a huge role as well.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that Spermidine supplements will reduce wrinkles.

In short, the answer is no. At the time of writing, there is no evidence to say that taking Spermidine supplements will cause weight loss.

But these are very much preliminary studies in a small number of animals. There is nowhere near enough evidence to suggest that Spermidine can support weight loss.

That brings us to the end of our review of the best spermidine supplements. There’s no doubt that Spermidine supplements are becoming ever more popular because of the potential anti-aging properties it could possess.

There are lots of different brands on the market and they all sell slightly different versions of Spermidine which can be confusing.

The key things to bear in mind when choosing a Spermidine supplement include:

By following this checklist, you’ll be sure to choose a top Spermidine supplement to add to your anti-aging stack.

This is sponsored content. M&F is not endorsing the websites or products listed in this article.


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