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3 IFBB Pros Talk About a Different Side of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding appears to be a glamorous sport. Athletes are on center stage, posing and flexing for the audience, and they are being cheered by fans around the world. But as is the case with other sports, there are more components to competing than the final product, and the fans don’t see those aspects of the sport.

IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilders Isabelle Turell, MayLa Ash, and Sheena Ohlig addressed those issues on a recent episode of The Fit Rockstar Show, including how some athletes may deal with depression after the stage lights are turned off.

Ohlig told Turell, “I think for younger athletes, less experienced athletes, I think that is a big thing that they experience. There is such a thing as post-show blues, where you accomplished this goal that you set out for 12, 16, 20 weeks, and everything was focused on that one particular date.”

Ohlig also suggested other factors such as hormone levels and dehydration could influence those feelings of sadness. Ash agreed with Ohlig and offered her own thoughts as to why less experienced athletes may fall victim to these feelings.

“There is no plan for once finals are over, besides the whole celebratory meal and a photo shoot, there is no real plan,” she said. She went on to share that veterans are aware of reverse dieting and feels the newcomers should learn and apply more about how it works.

“Your whole life has to reverse coming out of prep.”

Beyond their own life circumstances, athletes also have to consider other factors such as relationships, careers outside of the sport, and other passions. New athletes are entering the sport every year, and Ash has advice that may help them see the positives of competing that will make it worth it, including finding the right division so they have the best experience.

“You have to go in with your eyes wide open,” she told Turell and Ohlig. “Get some insight from people that has been doing it and figure out where your body fits best.”


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